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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Midjourney

Midjourney’s AI Art Generative Tool is a revolutionary and powerful AI tool that unleashes your creativity and helps you generate beautiful visuals with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Midjourney is made with a user-friendly interface on Discord, making it perfect for unleashing your creative spark while saving tons of time spent on manual design work.

Here is a quick guide to get you started. Be sure to read till the end for the bonus tip.

Quickstep To Get Started

1. Join the Midjourney Channel on Discord

Midjourney differs from other AI solutions by allowing you to access the software through Discord, a chat forum-style app.

Visit and join the Beta or alternatively, hop over directly to the Midjourney Discord. It’s totally free.

2. Find a #Newbies or #General Channel

Once you are in the MidJourney channel. Look for any #newbies or # general channels on the side panel. There are different newcomer rooms and you can view all the artworks created by the users including yours.

3. Quick Generation

Interact with the Midjourney Bot on Discord using commands. Commands are used to create images, customize settings, track user info, and perform other helpful functions.

In order to create images in Midjourney, we need to input a prompt followed by the command “/imagine”.

The command for image generation: /imagine prompt

Steps to generate an image 1. Use /imagine to generate an image

2. Type in words that describe the image you want to create, you can type a general description or be more specific adding styles and details. 3. Click return and wait for the result

4. Midjourney will process the job

Midjourney Bot will generate four amazing options for you to explore in a minute!

Example Prompt: Black steampunk dog riding a bike

5. Upscale or Create Variations

Upscale or create variation in MidJourneyAfter the grid of images is ready, two rows of buttons become visible — providing you with even more control:

  • U buttons: upscale the size of the image

  • V buttons — slight variations of a chosen grid image.

The numbers 1–4 represent images coming from the top left clockwise

  • The 🔄 (re-roll): reruns a Job. It reruns the prompt and you’ll get a whole new grid of images!

6: Create Variations or Expand Your Images

After applying an upscale, you will find different options for making variations and expanding your image.

  • Vary ( Strong & Subtle): Creates a variation and generates a new grid

  • Panning: Extend your image in four different directions ⬅️ ➡️ ⬆️ ⬇️

  • Zoom Out: Gives users the ability to broaden the perspective of any image.

  • Web: Open the image in your gallery on

  • Favorite: tag your best images to easily find them on the Midjourney website.

7: Save Your Image

Just click on the image to open it and then right-click to save. Or, if you’re using mobile, long tap the image and you’ll see a download icon in the top right corner. Easy peasy!

Advanced Prompts Image Prompt: Use images to impact a Job’s composition, style, and colors. Combine image prompts with text prompts for varied outcomes. Permutation Prompts: Generate prompt variations with a single command. Use lists of options separated with commas , within curly braces { } to create different combinations.

Basic Commands Here is also a list of the basic commands that you may want to check out as well.

  • /fast & /relax: Switch to Fast or Relax mode

  • /remix: Toggle Remix mode. Utilize Remix Mode to modify prompts, parameters, model versions, or aspect ratios across variations, panning and zooming.

  • /show: Let you recover a previous job from its Job ID

  • /subscribe: Link you to your subscription plan

  • /stealth & /public: Subscribers to the Pro Plan have access to Stealth Mode to prevent their images from being visible to others

  • /settings: Provides buttons for switching version, style, quality and upscale versions.

I have also prepared a beginner’s guide in PDF format with more detailed instructions. It is free to download!

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